journalism & theory

  • Ein Schwarz-Weiß-Photo einer Person, die in der Dunkelheit steht und auf ihr Handy schaut. Das Gesicht ist erleuchtet.
    Grauwert 303

    A niche podcast from the microcosm of illegal graffiti

  • nachhaltig.kritisch

    A journalistic instagram channel

  • Choose your own Future

    A journalistic Serious Game about discrimination factors

  • Nabelschau

    Why people get children. A web dossier about the question of children

  • Grenzenlos - Pathways after the turn

    A journalistic webspecial for the Unity Jubilee 2015

In the two years of the program’s existence, students have developed and realized projects, some of them in cooperation with the various partners, on a variety of topics. For example, making films about the stories, fates and lives of the victims of National Socialism in Halle has been a tradition since 2007. The film series Stolpersteine ​​- Filme gegen das Vergessen can be found at YouTube.

In the third semester, each class develops a digital, usually journalistic class project in which social, political and scientific contexts are examined. At the end of the program, there is a practical master project in addition to a thesis. Students, either working independently or in a team, choose a topic and realize it in digital, journalistic form. The projects range from dossiers to podcasts to journalistic Instagram channels and media-education projects. Projects from recent years are compiled in the Showroom.


Graffiti, Tofu, Fears of the Future

What influences our lives and what do we strive for? The great issues of existence are the focus of these projects.

Stories that Wrote History

Which events shaped the city of Halle an der Saale, Saxony-Anhalt and Germany? A confrontation with the people persecuted and murdered under National Socialism that also covers social changes after the fall of the Berlin Wall and past persons and events that still affect the modern day. This is about regional importance.

Filters, Wind Turbines, Enlightenment

What can an environmentally conscious and healthy life be? Fine dust, sustainability and renewable energies are the focuses of these projects.

Right Outside the Door

Of chickens, legends and the fall of the Berlin Wall: these stories from Saxony-Anhalt, Halle an der Saale and the surrounding area have moved our students.

Experience and Remembrance

Between memorial culture and future perspectives, these projects deal with the individual lives of Halle natives.