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Eine zerknitterte Bodenmarkierung, die auffordert, Abstand zu halten. Bild: Oliver Haupt

Fotoprojekt: Corona

Corona or Covid 19 is here. Whether you like it or not. **The virus moves, challenges and changes, dominates the media, steers the economy and politics and has become an integral part of our everyday lives - normality!

How do you deal with a topic that is chewed over in the media every day for weeks on end and that is so invisible?

Photographer and lecturer Evi Lemberger set the 15 MMA students in the Visual Strategies seminar this task. The result is 15 individual photographic explorations of corona.

All projects can also be found on Instagram.

The Drive-In Awakens

With The Drive-In Awakens, Alexandra Pubantz captures the revival and the special atmosphere of drive-in cinemas.


With Masken, Britta Zwigart expresses the new normality of the omnipresent mask.

Das soziale-distanz Barometer

For Das soziale-distanz Barometer, David Sticker documents the density of people on Leipzig’s market square every fourth Saturday.

[Distanzierte] Nähe

Denise Stell** shows how closeness and distance are perceived in times of corona with her project [Distanzierte] Nähe.

Mit Transparenten demonstrieren

The change in the expression of public opinion under corona is documented by Frauke Rummler with her project Mit Transparenten demonstrieren.

Liquid Crystal Display

Liquid Crystal Display by Irene Schulz shows the curiosity of digital (substitute) communication during the corona lockdown.

Tatort Gastro

With Tatort Gastro, Jenny Lehmann goes in search of clues in an industry that has been particularly hard hit by the corona lockdown: the catering industry.

Der wandelnde Spaziergang

With Der wandelnde Spaziergang, Maike Grabow invites you to go for a walk with her, let your mind wander and let the changes take effect on you.

14 Wochen

14 Wochen changed freedom, communication and time in pictures by Maren Wilczek.

Nah und doch so fern

Nah und doch so fern shows the personal feelings and associations of Meret Aupperle with COVID-19.

Corona Geschichten

In Corona Geschichten, Milena Giskes portrays people in their living spaces, which became the changed centre of their everyday lives in March 2020.

Die Anstandsgesellschaft

Decency with distance is the subject of Die Anstandsgesellschaft by Oliver Haupt.

University of Emptiness

Sarah-Maria Köpf** captures haunting emptiness with University of Emptiness.


For Feiern, Sören Engels ventures into the grey areas of illegal raves with the aim of initiating a social negotiation process of partying.

unfollow the white rabbit

For unfollow the white rabbit, Yevgenia Shcherbakova has ventured down the rabbit hole of Attila Hildmann, Eva Herrmann and Xavier Naidoo and talks about their journey.